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अगर हो तुम Agar Ho Tum Lyrics | Mr & Mrs | Jubin Nautiyal |

   Song Description: "अगर हो तुम" " अगर हो तुम " is a heartfelt Hindi love song that delves deep into the emotions of unwavering love and devotion. The lyrics, rich with poetic expressions and romantic imagery, paint a vivid picture of a love so profound that it consumes the entire being of the lover. Here's a detailed breakdown of the song: Verse 1: अगर हो तुम तो मैं खुद को भुला दूं तेरे ख्वाबों ख्यालों में यूं ही मैं बहता रहु In the opening lines, the singer expresses a willingness to lose himself completely in the thoughts and dreams of his beloved. The idea of drifting endlessly in her dreams symbolizes a deep immersion in love, where the beloved's presence is all-encompassing and the world fades away. Verse 2: अगर हो तुम तो है फिर कहना क्या तेरे वादों इरादों में यूं ही मैं उड़ता रहु Continuing with the theme of surrender, the singer feels that with his beloved by his side, words become unnecessary. Her promises and intentions are enough for him to soar