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ओ सजनी रे O Sajni Re Lyrics अरिजीत सिंह

O Sajni Re                  Detailed description   "ओ सजनी रे" is a soulful and evocative Hindi song that delves into the profound sense of longing and heartache experienced in the absence of a beloved. The lyrics poetically express the anguish and emptiness that fills the days and nights without the presence of the loved one.  Verses and Theme: The song begins with a poignant address to the beloved, "ओ सजनी रे," setting a tone of deep affection and yearning. The repeated question, "कैसे कटे दिन रात," captures the protagonist's struggle with the passage of time in the absence of their significant other. The lyrics reflect a sense of helplessness and a yearning for connection, "कैसी हो तुझसे बात," indicating a desperate need to communicate and be with the beloved. magery and Emotions : The song uses vivid imagery to enhance the emotional depth. The line "कैसे घने रे बदरा घिरे" evokes the image of dark, dense clouds gathering, symboli