Taarif Teri Allah Allah song लेबल वाली पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

अल्लाह अल्लाह Taarif Teri Allah Allah Lyrics ये दिल आशिकाना

Taarif Teri Allah Allah Song Details The song " Allah Allah " is a heartfelt ode praising the divine attributes of Allah, expressed through intricate lyrics and melodious composition. The repetitive refrain "Allah Allah Allah Allah, Taarif Teri Allah Allah" serves as a rhythmic invocation of divine praise, reinforcing the central theme of reverence and adoration. The verses describe the ineffable beauty and majesty of Allah's creation, with lines such as "Kya Surat Tune Banayi Hey, Hairaan Hai Sari Khudayi Hey" marveling at the wonder and perfection of His craftsmanship. The imagery evoked, like "Mastani Aankhon Se Chalakta Nasha" and "Zulfon Mein Saawan Ki Barasati Gata," paints a picture of enchanting allure and divine grace, symbolizing the intoxicating presence of Allah. Further, the lyrics delve into the spiritual realm, depicting the celestial radiance and transcendent aura emanating from Allah's countenance: "Chehre