Kalyan Mishra Blue Badge.pngis an EntrepreneurSinger, & CEO / Founder at The LyricsMulti-Channel platform company focused on the lyrics industry. Established at Madhubani , Bihar , India.

His Achievements[edit | edit source]

Kalyan Mishra is the director of well known Multi-Channel platform company The lyrics India. He has been running this organization for 2 years. He is known for Singing and offering Tech Services and meticulous work.

Career[edit | edit source]

Mr. Kalyan Mishra s The Founder and CEO of "The Lyrics" Agency it is a fully lyrics based company which provides timely new released song lyrics in various languages.

About Him[edit | edit source]

Kalyan Mishra has been a successful personality in Music, Social Media & Development industry. He on today’s date runs A Lyrics company named The Lyrics and did many successful Programs. He has more than 100+ projects IN Development Sector As well. Kalyan Mishra has got Many Awards by varied people & celebrities and Lyrics companies for the support he provides for them by conducting events at a national level. He is currently Focusing on Creating an organization which will help children's and needy people across India.

'Some words said by him' "No Matter the number of audience, Always give your BEST".

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